Batch read multiple lines into variable

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Batch read multiple lines into variable

Need support for your remote team? Check out our new promo! Select all Open in new window. IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Read multiple lines from text file into variables Windows batch. Low Priority. Last Modified: I'm writing a batch file that needs to read In a text file with multiple lines or more and assign them to variables i.

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batch read multiple lines into variable

Forum only search News:. Home Help Login Register. When I tried to assign a one long line text to the variable replacethe script run successfully. But when I tried to set a multi line to the variable replace and run the script and it always says The syntax of the command is incorrect. Any help? Code: [Select].

Windows Batch Files for Fun and Profit

These are redirection symbols. Also, it is not a good idea to embed the new line thing into something. If you have something that takes three lines, just use three variables for three lines.

Is there a strong reason to put new line into a message? I can't imagine why you would need it. Quote from: Geek-9pm on January 25,PM. Tried using three variables for the three lines. But the output displays them in only one line. If you explain your task in English then you may get a solution. Batch files don't like multiple lines in an environment variable.

Thanks, Foxidrive. From what little I understand of his post, I did a short batch file to ilustrate what it looks like to me. I was trying to dereference Null Pointers before it was cool. Yes you have to cancel out the sign. Quote from: Geek-9pm on January 26,AM.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I've been googling this question to no avail. I'm automating a build process here at work, and all I'm trying to do is get version numbers and a tiny description of the build which may be multi-line.

Reading the output of a command into a batch file variable

The system this runs on is OSX I've seen everything from using CAT to processing each line as necessary. I can't figure out what I should use and why. Results in garbled input if the user has to use the backspace key. Doesn't properly end the input because I'm too late to look up matching against an empty string. Refer to the excellent Bash Guide for all your bash scripting needs.

batch read multiple lines into variable

I've solved this issue by dealing with each line until I came up with a blank line. It works well enough for my situation. But if someone wants to add a better solution, feel free to do so.

There are a few possibilities to do this. I'd go for read line by line and stop when an empty line is found though you could set any stop word :.

We are using a construct using xargs and ctrl-d for breaking. I'm not perfectly satisfied with it, but it certainly does the job of taking multi-line user input and stuffing that into a variable formatting intact. The first and third assignments add quotes around the contents of the xargs input.

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batch read multiple lines into variable

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. So, long time ago I was really into batch files. I'm coming back to that, but for the life of me I can't find my preferred way of getting lines of text from a file.

You are trying to read from a file, not write to it. Lastly, you should explicitly undefine any prior value before reading, because reading an empty line will preserve any existing variable value. As rojo stated in his comment, you may be better off using an array concept if you are reading an arbitrary number of lines.

However, you must first determine the total number of lines to read. Learn more. Asked 4 years ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 2k times. I don't think this question should've been marked as a duplicate because OP isn't asking "How do I read a data file"? He's asking "How do I read a data file via redirection? Wish I could've posted this as an answer.

Active Oldest Votes. Also, you only use percents when you are expanding the variable, not when you are defining it. This is what I wanted.While Windows Script Host is a powerful scripting and programming environment, the old-fashioned batch file can still be a useful, powerful tool in the Windows XP environment. Whereas Windows Script Host programs use objects as tools to perform Windows management and data-processing tasks, batch files use entire programs as their tools.

WSH scripts give you great control of the details of a task, whereas batch files let you work at a grosser, macro level. So, just as it's an advantage to have both small and large wrenches in your toolbox, it's an advantage to know how to write both scripts and batch files.

Furthermore, like Windows Script programs, batch files serve as a form of documentation, because they capture critical business management information—procedures and configuration data—in written form.

In my work as both a software developer and writer, I've found that the batch files I write fall into three categories:. In this chapter, I'll discuss the commands that are particularly useful in batch files and will give you some examples of the three categories of batch files I find useful. See All Related Store Items. Brian Knittel discusses commands that are particularly effective in batch files and provides some examples of three categories of especially useful batch files.

This chapter is from the book. Like scripts, batch files can serve as documentation of critical business procedures. Related Resources Store Articles. Join Sign In.

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All rights reserved.I need to store just that second line 5. If not - it is taking the last empty line - have to include a fiter with a for loop something looking for a null line to stop the processing of data to the variable. NET is an IT service provider. You can point to any. I found this link while working on this go to the line that starts with "If the command has multiple lines"so it seems possible to just pull a specific line in my case line 2.

But when I try it in Win 7, im thinking the syntax is different. I'm assuming he wrote this article in XP by looking at is ipconfig example.

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Can someone see what syntax is incorrect? Martin - that kinda works, I need just the number however. I guess I should give a bit more info. I'm trying to save the value of some locally installed version of software shadowprotect. Then I will do the same thing to a shadowprotect. Then I will compare those two variable, and if the network saved version is a higher value, I will force an update. So, I am trying to get just the version number into a variable. We'd have been done a week ago :.

It might be faster then wmic. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. I don't want vbs, I don't want ps1. This time around it's gotta be good ol' batch. Best Answer. Krizz This person is a verified professional.

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Batch Scripting - 13 - Blank Lines and Comments/Remarks

Ghost Chili. Another option with a filter is use findstr and look for a ".There is no obvious way to read the output of a command into a batch file variable.

In unix-style shells, this is done via backquoting. The Windows command processor does not have direct backquoting, but you can fake it by abusing the FOR command.

The loop variable in the FOR command takes one percent sign if you are executing it directly from the command prompt, but two percent signs if you are executing it from a batch file. By default, the FOR command sets the loop variable to the first word of each line. If you want to capture the entire line, you need to change the delimiter. There are other options for capturing say the first and third word or whatever.

Since the program has only one line of output, the loop executes only once, and the result is that the directory is changed to the path that the printappdir program prints. Exercise: What if you want to extract more than 26 words? Note also that the above script works only for US-English systems, since the phrase IPv4 Address will change based on your current language. This alternate version makes the findstr program do the heavy lifting, and then saves the fourteenth word.

But this version will get fooled by the line Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

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Learn more. Reading the output of a command into a batch file variable Raymond. July 31st, Read next How do I find the most recently created file in a directory from a batch file? Remember, nobody actually likes batch programming. You merely tolerate it.


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